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Where does this rampant paranoia from the right come from? It appears you are just gullible rubes that buy into all the propaganda from the nra? I wonder if the author - and many of those posting comments - would feel the same way if it was there 6 year old son or daughter that was massacred. Seems to me that the DA recently killed in TX was a gun owner who carried, it didn't help him, did it? You rail against ignorance from the do-gooders, but the testosterone fueled cowboys aren't faring so well either.
Does your argument pertain to guns only or everything? Seems to me that there was a rash of small, less intrusive government legislation requiring unnecessary medical procedures to be performed on women exercising their legal right to make their own heath care decisions? A background check is out of the question, but a state mandated, intrusive vaginal probe is no problem. You can't pick and choose skippy.
Intellectually lazy argument.
Would you feel the same if it was your 6 year old son or daughter that was obliterated?
What exactly is so unreasonable about requiring background checks? Please, enlighten us. You call them "gun haters," I call them reasonable, intelligent gun owners and non owners.
Good lord, I can smell your paranoia from here.
Whew, your hyperbole is pretty scary, and completely paranoid.
You're spouting glenn beck hooey. There is no provision allowing access to medical records. If you support your claim, back it up with a credible link please.
No one is taking anyones guns away - and no one is restricting ownership. Period. That's NRA propaganda.
Persecution doesn't really matters, what matters is that they were not allowed to purchase firearms.
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