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20 Observations About Human Nature That Liberals Would Probably Disagree With

Jill234 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 10:43 AM
Most of these are very good, especially 4 and 14. But 13 ... ! Even a brief review of the history of Christianity and the nature of its religious leaders in all its branches should disabuse an intelligent person of any assumption that it is a guide to moral behavior. To go right to its roots, how much worse can a moral injunction be than the central commandment of the "Sermon on the Mount" to "Resist not evil"?

1) Working hard, being self-reliant and taking responsibility for your own life are good for you and will make you much happier than having too much leisure time, being overly dependent and giving others responsibility for your life.

2) The more a behavior is rewarded with attention, fame, sympathy or money, the more of it we'll see. We recognize this almost instinctively when it comes to good behaviors, but we also tend to almost habitually block it out when it comes to behaviors we don't want to encourage.

3) There's nothing shameful about being poor -- but, if you stay...