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Save the nation get rid of the leftist in both parties, they are ruining the Republic!
Can a real reporter ask the President what going on there? Call Fox and get someone out to the golf course stat!
Only search middle eastern looking people and other foreigners! That would be my suggestion, that way the rest of us can get to our destinations sooner!!!!
This is the last regime that need to tell anybody what to do on anything! They have screwed up every thing they've touched foreign policy, the economy, the military healthcare, moral, lawfulness etc. The regime is a walking "cluster f--k"!
Reagan made a deal with the Demoncrats back before, when amnesty was allowed. And the Demoncrats did not uphold their end to build the wall! So much for bipartisanship! Democrats are like Hamas ceasefire, Republicans cease and they fire!! Screw bipartisanship it's just a slow way for the left to get their way eventually!
Correct! Both parties are illegally mining for votes in the future! We need to throw these bums out of office! Do we have the guts though? In Maryland here, there is no hope, because the voting block is on, or working for, some form of government and they aren't voting out the folks that keep it that way, so Maryland producers are voting with their feet! Let crumble!
"Unemployment ticks up"! Things are really bad then! The numbers are phony anyway! The U-6 are the real numbers! With people dropping out because they stopped looking or the unemployment ran out, so the percentage will stay low. The jobs number will be revised down soon anyway
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Obama Slams Republicans Over Lawsuit

jilgavvent Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 5:09 AM
Y o u a r e a c r o o k s i r ! A l a w b r e a k e r!
Lead! That's code for, do what the leftist in power want for the sake of both parties! Not whats best for the citizens, country, and constitution!
He is obsessed with his failed ideology! He can't make it work so he lies about his results and lack of leadership which everyone but him knows is failing miserably!
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