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Another Detroit in the making because of "bad life choices"!! Sorry, it's true!
Illogical! You burned your own neighbors, businesses! Now where will you shop?
Another ignorant black man who refuses the facts in the matter from 60 witness, forensic evidence, and the officers wounds and testimony!! This is just community activism just like that in the white house! More lies an deceit! What are you doing to save the black community sir? Nothing, complain, complain, complain, blame and argue and put up an attitude!! Typical radical tactics sickening!
The Lord love you and me and the rest, but He doesn't like our sins especially you all killing or helping to kill His children! His children! His world, His Universe! Get it?
So! We haven't done a thing to Mexico to make them responsible for their own people! We haven't defended the rights of the citizens of this country! The Democrats have done everything they could attract and foment this illegal voting block! Leftism is not only destroying the country, but, I fear the last bastion of hope for the world because of their zealousness for power and control.
Why didn't you do immigration when you had both houses in the first term then? The Republicans gave you an immigration plan and you didn't like it you lying piece of dung!
Historic Obama and Democrat national debt!
The regime reinterpreted the way the numbers are reported to make them selves look good! We just fire a load of Democrats because of lies like that!
Everyone is a part time worker now below 30 hours!
The Lord will put an end to all this foolishness. All is His you, me, and all the "stuff", His! Learn it, live it, love it! I have no more faith in man. Society has been dumbed down, right is wrong, wrong is right!
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