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If they're "already American citizens" you are an American patriot and constitution-ist! NOT!!
Democrats don't know what American is!
We need 'leftist control"! Remove them from office they are in direct opposition to liberty and constitutionality!
Gets my vote!
Don't go to NY, don't live in NY, don't open a business in NY! Skrew those leftist anti-American, anti capitalist AH!!
We have a president and AG who gave guns to violent criminals in Mexico that killed one of our own to perpetrate a fraud and nothing happened!! Big woop! Let a Republican administration do it and all hell will break loose and the press will become journalist again, instead of foot stools for the regim!
Ya think! "Government is the problem not the solution"! Thanks Ronald Reagan you were right again!
He let them stay because Christians raised a stink. He really did it the feel good!
What's this BS? If illegals want healthcare let them go back to Mexico or even Cuba to get it! Mexico is an oil rich country they can take care of their own. Where is the UN or the Obama regime's foreign ambassador making Mexico pay up and be responsible? Leftist sukk!
Oh and Obama and the Democrats aren't being a bullies? They rammed the ACA down everyone's throats, ignored their oath to he constitution, use unlawful Executive Orders to go around the other two branches, lifted, "don't ask don't tell" and ruin the arm forces moral, spied on us, try to take our weapons for full control of, "we the people", and lies about us because we want what the founders and God wants!
More government failure because the unions (votes) are their customer not the tax payers. Reminds me that the USPS is in debt too! And next ACA healthcare. Government does only one thing well, protect our freedom, and with leftist in charge that is waning!
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