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If his foreign policy exploits are any indication, this would qualify as the third term of Obama! Cluster %uck III !
I bet Obama is not going to arm them, noooo!
Obama is a wacked out commie!23 months and counting!
Wasn't a lie it was sloppiness, mistake, a misunderstanding, a slight embellishment, you didn't understand, I could have been in that chopper, out of body experience a, a, a lie!
Lynch is just another leftist nut!
No they don't!! That is asinine "madam leftist trash"! We have a constitution and are a sovereign nation! Period! Ask Obama? No don't he doesn't care!
I hope ours wont either! Most of the UN is made up of thug states, leftist crooks and murders! We should kick them and all there spies out of NY and go it alone!
The "gaff master" run for president we already have one farce in there now! What do you want to completely tear down the country to the ground?
Are they going to be able to have clips in their weapons? What are rules of engagement? Wait until the speeding vehicle is a block away, two blocks, what!
Obama is so full of schitt!
Indeed, lets build those settlements on the conquered land God gave the Jews! To hell with the Palestinian terrorists and their friend Obama!
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