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Hahaha! Now that there is funny, I don't are who you are!! ..."doing all the work"! To ruin the greatest nation in the history of the world! And this has been slowly going on since the deceptive "peace movement" of the sixties! You know, when God (of the Holy Bible the only God) was remove from social discourse by Satanists on the left! Now it's been accelerated because the citizenry is sufficiently "dumbed down"!
No, of course not! Not Jesus the greatest man in the history of the world! We don't want to follow his stellar example of living, love, and service, No! Let's follow Obama leftist University Professors, and Politicians! Talk about three stooges!!
you devastated by the Dodd, Frank, and Waters, with an assist from Bill Clinton and Janet Reno forcing "welfare mortgages" on the banks and American people to eventually bail out! Another leftist theory failed. When will you leftist theorist learn to stay out of economic issues you know nothing about? Record spending, record out of work record, food stamp, record economic malaise, equals worse president since WWII! Chew on that awhile?
No it sux! Just like we knew Obama's regime would cause it to do! There is no new normal, just, "bad" that's the real "narrative"! Bad!
'Choice" consequences and costs, don't ask us to pay for it! Are you going to pay for my tee times (my mental and physical health potion)! No! And I don't expect you too!
How is it a war on women to ask them to pay for their own abortion pills? Helll Obama is waging war on american exceptionalism and the constitution! What about that?
Health care as a work benefit is a perk to attract quality workers, not a right!
All talk!! All lies! All wrong for America!
We the people, don't want amnesty, we want them shipped out and the border wall built period! Mexico is an oil rich nation, why aren't they being held accountable for their owe peoples developement?
Since Obama and the Democrats are the architects of this fiasco they can kick in the money from their personal wealth, supporters and the DNC!
Right, they have been sitting on bills that could have grown the economy back to health but Obama/Demoncrat's twisted ideology for Fascism has kept us in this deliberate malaise! NEWS FLASH!! They have officially failed, progressivism, fascism, liberalism, communism, all are a failure, doesn't work, can't!! Its' unnatural, not organic, full of impurities, putrid, smelly, gross, stinky, flatulent, immoral, Godless, Satanic, stupid etc.!!
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