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They don't believe in the "rule of law" they just make it up as they go! The people elected to stop them joined the fray!! A once great and proud nation is falling prey to failed socialism! Socialism steals your soul!
Meanwhile, where is the Mexican government in all this? Why aren't we back charging them for taking care of their people? Boycott Mexico, boycott Mexico!!
She is lying sack of "you know what"! Obama's own CIA director threw her under the bus today hahaha!
Doesn't any of these papers, mag.'s etc. do reporting anymore? They all are in the business of making up news, throwing stuff against the wall to see if it will stick, or lying!
That's BS this needs to be defunded and stopped! This trash is the WH needs to be taken out to the garbage dump, it is a failure and useless. Liberalism has failed, lets get back to conservative capitalism with Gods glory in mind otherwise it's over!
Mr. Clarke Thank you, but these people you speak of are "radical leftist" they are bitter, hateful, and irrational people! They shouldn't be anywhere the seat of power!
Who wants to work for an America hating AH?
Right, Obamacare would just give her a pill!
This the face of the left, never happy even when they get their way! They have no joy because they don't know Jesus!
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5 Ways To Improve Meet The Press

jilgavvent Wrote: Dec 01, 2014 5:08 AM
1. The truth!
The place to push immigrants health is at the border before they come into the country, but the Democrats and Obama don't want that. What's Mexico's role in al of this? How come they get a pass?
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