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Obama clearly lost the peace in the middle east, on purpose. He ruined the economy and healthcare on purpose andthere's scandal after scandal. Who knows what he will do next! Maybe resign, I hope!
He's using the Hillary defense, "I can't remember"! Given her health situation, that could be correct now!
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Obama's Deficient Student Loan Plan

jilgavvent Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 5:11 AM
Oh, you means student loan welfare! Similar to mortgage loan welfare force on banks by impeached president Clinton and his henchman that tax payers had to bail out which cause d the economy to crash when Dodd, Frank, and Waters would not listen to Bush and McCain when they kept trying to sound the alarm, and they all, said, "everything was fine with the mortagae industry" remember? No guess not!
Your kidding right? He dislikes the military because they are not his support base. They could be a force that makes it hard for him to take over. They take their oath to the constitution seriously! He did not. He said what he had to say to get the desired result, hence we are where we are today!
So are they getting more rights then the rest of the citizenry which is wrong? Or is this just for appearance and campaign fund mining?
They are going to thumb their nose at JW or give them the finger! These folks have the power and are going to use it to do exactly what they've learned from Saul Alinsky, change the republic from a great system (freedom and opportunity for all), to a system (take care of me, tell me what to do, say, and how to act) that has failed everywhere!
Half of those in the picture look middle-eastern! Oops! I think I just "profiled"? Then so be it!!
All this in Iraq is intentional! Israel better be ready because they will be next after Iraq is over run. More failed/deliberate Obama foreign policy, voting present again or not in the building at all! What a disgrace!!!
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Obama Considering Airstrikes In Iraq

jilgavvent Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 3:27 PM
The whole country will be overrun by the time he decides anything. Probably his plan all along. The bad thing is he will leave 275+ of America's finest out to dry to be killed or captured. This man is a piece of schitt!! He needs to be run out of DC on a rail!! All this leftist trash!!
Well of course they are, they are a socialist state now like California and Maryland etc.!
You obviously didn't know everything is backed up on servers redundantly either! I guess you are just playing to your ignorant base, you lying sack of schitt! Give up the evidence of wrong doing now!!!!!
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