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Obama is ISIS!
They're conservatives now!
That's another thing they need to give those cops something with some stopping power like, 1911A1, Glock 21, Springfield XDM, Beretta Px4 Storm, Taurus 24/7, or HK45, 45 cal. pistols!
Maybe Holders going there to give himself up for his, "high crimes and misdemeanors"!
Twelve witness have said they saw Brown charge the officer!
Yep! A head shot will stop an assailant from assaulting you every time, especially gentle giant robber!
Obama sending Holder there to scout out golf courses or is it a vacation sight hunt!
Someone who does not believe his oath of office/Constitution, and is from a back round of Islam, and Black Theology Christianity, (which isn't Christianity at all, it's Hate Theology), is not going to do anything, he is in concert with them! He believe they have been wronged some how and it's the west and Israel's fault!
This is what happens when "the rule of law" is abandoned by those who swore an oath to uphold them for their own selfish interests! "Leftism is a cancer not an answer"!
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The Most Pro-American Movie of 2014?

jilgavvent Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 7:32 AM
Yea liberals don't want us held to Godly standards! Love Him above all, Don't take His name in vain, Keep Holy the Sabbath, Honor Father and mother, Don't commit Murder, Don't commit adultery, Don't steal, Don't lie (Obama, Holder and Demoncrat's), Don't falsely accuse others, Don't hit on your neighbors wife or take their goods? Oh and 11th, Don't vote for leftist, they have brain damage, just pray for them!
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