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I generally agree with you Murray 34, except that I am so tired of seeing that used as some sort of excuse for current incompetence and malfeasance. Whenever one brings us a legitimate grievance with the current administration we hear "oh, well what about Bush, Bush started it, Bush did it first, Bush did it worse." How do you imagine that pointing out the flaws of the past somehow lessen the seriousness of the present. What was wrong then is still wrong now and mostly it is further wrong under the current administration.
Yes indeed, it's like putting an item in your online shopping cart but never completing the checkout. How many times while online shopping have you gotten a purchase to the checkout and upon seeing the final cost have decided it's not worth it or I can't afford it. But in Obama's world of strange business practices and incompetent web design those people who looked into it and chose NOT to enroll are counted as having enrolled along with those who chose to enroll but have not paid. If a commercial web business is to work at all the thing is must do first and best is to keep track of payments. But with Obama's strange priorities they open the web site before they've even developed a way to receive payment. That's the difference between someone who knows how to run a business versus someone who has never worked a day outside of politics and academia.
Excellent article, very informative, thank you Katie.
Absolutely true. I watched Elijah Cummings during the Fast & Furious hearings and it was just blatantly obvious that his only purpose in being there was to waste the committee's time and prevent it uncovering anything. With Holder and the DOJ stonewalling every document request and Elijah sabotaging the committee and then the administration refusing to act on the committee's findings it was all just a pointless circus.
Very well said Mr. Elder, the first really fair assessment I have seen. I could only add that tis was an illegally recorded private conversation not intended to ever be heard by anyone but the girlfriend. He clearly never intended to offend anyone and had his remarks remained private no one would have been offended. I therefore would say it was not Sterling's words which were offensive but the fact that they were made public and who was responsible for that?
Much a you or I may like to believe that it simply is no true. Mr. Bundy is not law abiding citizen" at all, he is a scofflaw tax cheat who has used public land as if it were his own and refused to pay the grazing fees everyone else has to pay. BLM has taken him to court twice and the court has ruled that Bundy must pay grazing fees or remove his cattle from public land. Bundy simply refused to comply, leaving BLM with no option but to remove his cattle for him. Mr. Bundy is not the stand tall red blooded American hero we would like him to be, he is totally on the wrong side of the law.
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Carney: Obama Never Misled on Obamacare

jhouseman Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 4:57 PM
Jay the carny barker trying to sell snake oil again. What a sniveling little worm.
BATFE has always been a rogue agency from it's creation after passage of the gun control act of 1968. See the case of Kenyon Ballew who was murdered by BATFE agents and local Silver Springs MD authorities in a raid so incompetently disorganized that investigators could not even establish how many agents were involved. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Ballew_raid
Never thought I'd say this in this rare instance I think ATF is right, the lower receiver IS the gun and needs to have a serial number and be sold as a firearm by a licensed dealer just as their metal lowers are, why should plastic be any different.
This was an ongoing problem even before EBT cards. When food stamps were like paper money a guy walks into the convenience store and buys a candy bar with a $10 stamp, takes the change next door to the liquor store and buys a bottle of cheap vodka. The EBT card just eliminates the candy bar.
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