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What is a couple of trillion dollars between friends????
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DHS to Border Patrol: Run Away

JHos Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 10:18 AM
Border patrol agents should inform the shooter(s) that the local law enforcement has been notified and they had better leave or else. The shooter(s) will already have their hands full though as agents will be peppering them with authorized harsh language that makes them feel bad.
It will be funny to keep hearing them saying that a "penalty" collected by the IRS is not a tax. I hear they are also collecting late fees for Visa and .Master Card. /sarc
People in NY can always keep cool during these hot days by harnessing the raw power of Mayor Bloomberg's words and converting them into usable power.
Romney & Jindal 2012
I agree 100%. You can't destroy this economy on purpose without repercussions.
I understand that I might have tried a little too hard on that one, but I just couldn't help but press reply.
Professor McGonagall has every right to talk about the healthcare Hogworts that is this Voldemort of a boondoggle.
A debate with Bobby Jindal and Joe Biden would be on my top 10 list for the next 10 years. Governor Jindal would offer facts and Biden would offer talking points.
He has been living on the public dime for about 30 years.. cut him some slack.. :)
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