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Pelosi doesn't care

jhines Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 8:57 PM
How dare you? Margaret Thatcher was one of the greatest leaders of the free world! It depends on the woman or the man and their beliefs. I suppose you think Obama is a great leader because he's a MAN ( and I use that term very loosely in describing that skinny little big eared mongrel)? Give me Margaret Thatcher any day of the week. Hellooooooooo! Anybody home?

It’s often difficult to know where ideology ends and realpolitik begins.

Politicians claim to be pure partisans of principle alone — “statesmen,” to use the old-fashioned term. But observe their behavior and quickly their personal and professional interests shake out of their sleeves.

With the medical industry reform bill now almost universally known by Democrats as, simply, “the health care law” (as if there weren’t a thousand other such laws also dictating on aspects of health care) and by everyone else as, more simply yet, “Obamacare,” the game-playing and ideological posturing have become even more convoluted...