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Michelle Obama's "Civilian" Act Is Hard To Swallow

jhines Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 8:42 AM
It seems I can't even watch The Food Network anymore without seeing Moochelle, it's so unseemly to me for the First Lady to be in your face all of the time. I quit watching The View years ago but The Food Network? Pleeeease ! I feel like I need a bath every time I see her or her husband. I get all itchy and twitchy.
The first lady of the United States is on a whirlwind publicity tour for her hefty new food and gardening book ($30), which the White House hopes will bolster Team Obama's favorability ratings. I'd say it's a classic recipe for rank campaign hypocrisy and media double standards.

While journalists savor chummy chitchats with Mrs. Obama about beets and Beyonce, FLOTUS is once again escaping hard questions about her cronyism, junk science and generous junkets at taxpayer expense.

Mrs. Obama's 2012 campaign media blitz has already brought her to daytime airwaves ("The Ellen DeGeneres Show"), prime-time reality TV ("The Biggest Loser") and children's programming...