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Poll: Cotton Trails by 10 in AR?

jgraham798 Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 3:18 PM
That's "layin hen"; watch yer grammar. We'ns takes our'n english serious.
Is he inspired by the ones with MS 13 tattooed on their neck? Is he inspired by the rapists? By the drunk drivers that kill our wives, mothers and children? Or is he just inspired by the flood of low information, mindless demonrat voters.
Shouldn't they also stop requiring a picture id to purchase a firearm since it discriminates against blacks and the elderly?
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Recovering America's Exceptionalism

jgraham798 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 2:09 PM
"completely literate by the completion of second grade" A feat we cannot duplicate today. Therein lies the problem.
Miz Nancy is the dowager queen of dimwits. DWS (the dim-witted slattern) is the current queen of dimwits. Oh my God; I can't stand either one of them. Does that mean that i am a sexist?
Yes, the science and study of human phycing. And phyc you if you think I'm being cynical.
Would make a great Fox fox.
I think friend Grossman is probably a 5th or 6th grader working for some extra credit. The writing is certainly juvenile enough.
Flagged as stupid. You will still be whining Bush on your deathbed.
I fear too many Republican voters have died and are no voting demonrat.
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