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Now we know who really the atheists are !!!!
By the way, atheist acting this way will only help to reinforced a believe in Christ and Christian values; they are also being dishonest, if they really didn't believe in Christianity they would rather ignore Christian symbols instead of fighting the "supposedly" myths.
The Cross is a tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Korean War, World War I and World War II, therefore those who opposed it are basically slapping in the face the family members of those who gave their lives for our Country. It is despicable to see those Atheist haters abusing our court system; instead of wasting money in their anti-christian fight the should rather be helping people inneed like the homeless, specially homeless vets.
And that's the problem with Bergoglio, his ambiguity, and since he is a member of the Vatican II Church his purpose is precisely to confuse Catholics who adhere to the teachings of Christ and his Church !!! For more information about the Catholic Church please go to: www.cmri.org www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com AMDG
It's up to everybody of us to become volunteers and work on the field registering new voters and promoting conservative values. A good website to connect with fellow conservatives is http://connect.freedomworks.org/ (from freedomworks), register and start making new friends, don't forget to get involved with your local GOP and Tea Party Groups and look at your county website to check when is the next Volunteer Deputy Registrar class. See you at the next local, state and nationwide elections !!!, www.SanAntonioTeaParty.us
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