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...but neither tasty nor nutritious. The predators might spit her out, and then where will we be???
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Romney and Ryan Turn the Tables on Obama

jg12 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 7:35 PM
She was married to a cockroach. An American-born cockroach, but still a member of another species. Do I win a prize?
Oscar Wilde's death bed conversion is, all by itself, an indictment of your homo"sex"uality.
Harry Roid's leadership speaks for itself. Roe will be repealed. Embrace change, Komrade Roid!
Good call, but today's subnormal liberals are fixated on the body part that lies just under the tail. And its product. Check it out, you'll see.
Now flush. Hey allofoz, is your head spinning? Answer: Yes, it is spinning down and out. Bye now.
She will have gigantic piles of help as well as abundant goodwill. Repairs will commence in January.
This is a good day for you to salute the flag of the USA. Here is your flag. 1
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A Moral Question for the GOP

jg12 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 10:33 PM
That would be idiocy of the highest order, si? Our lefties are perfectly capable of believing both propositions.
You think it is fun to hide a gerbil in your bum, so then, what, maybe a ferret as well? Oh, come on, Robert, do you really have to?
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