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A Moral Question for the GOP

jg12 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 6:28 PM
There is more to it than that. Today’s illegals coming through Mexico (many are not Mexican) are the customers of a large multinational criminal enterprise that sells them entry into the US for a few thousand dollars per head. Every illegal represents another few thousand dollars to the gangster enterprise. The criminal enterprise does not own the service and therefore has no right to sell it, so it is all done underground. Neither buyer nor seller has any right to participate in the transaction; it is null and void. Subnormal liberals do not see these simple facts. For the present purpose, let me ask: Do you see, Mrs. Chavez? Can you see more than a subnormal liberal sees?

Many conservatives reject President Obama's recent policy to defer action against illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children. But as a conservative who supports the president's decision, I think it's important to seriously engage the arguments both for and against the policy.

First, let me explain what the Obama program does and does not do. It explicitly does not grant legal status to any group, even those who came illegally as infants or children. Those who are eligible for deferred action are given no path to permanent residency or to citizenship. They are not eligible for...