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Akin: Sorry Guys, I’m here to Stay

jfurqueron Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 1:21 PM
I don't understand why the NRSC is being so hard on Todd Akin. Our current President can make all of the bad choices of statements that he wants to, and he gets away with it. He even gets away with dishonoring our flag and all of our Christian values. Todd Akin makes one comment that he has profusely apologized for, and no one is willing to forgive him for that, but they will forgive our current President for every lie and wrong comment he makes all day long! This just isn't right! This is extremely politically incorrect!!!
Reaganite12 Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 12:50 PM
Maybe it's because they feel a closer kinship to Claire McCaskill than they do to a real conservative like Todd Akin. These are, after all, mostly establishment Republicans. I think we're learning, as time goes on, that they and establishment Democrats are mostly on the same page.

Get used to it: Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin is in it for the long haul:

A defiant Rep. Todd Akin made it official today, saying once again he will not drop out of the Missouri Senate race.

Today was the last day Akin could be removed from the November ballot -- something top Republicans had sought since he made comments in August about "legitimate rape."

As ministers and social conservatives such as Phyllis Schafly stood at his side, Akin said at a news conference that the people of Missouri spoke when they elected him the Republican Party's...