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How to Keep the Poor Poor

JFP Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 8:03 AM
Progressives always point to income inequality in society and demand that we do something about it. I point to income inequality among progressives and demand that we do something about it. Yes, it's true, there are plenty of wealthy progressives. So, why don't they voluntarily redistribute their wealth to poorer progressives? If you can't get wealthy progressives to redistribute their money voluntarily, you better give up on the idea that any other wealthy people will do so, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.
Dan107 Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 8:32 AM
Because progressives believe that you shouldn't volunteer anything. You should be forced to do it.

Media personality Tavis Smiley and Princeton philosophy professor Cornell West have just published their latest contribution to American poverty propaganda, “The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto.”

The book should have a second subtitle: “How to keep the poor poor and blacks enslaved to government.” To the extent this book is taken seriously by anyone, the result can only be more, entrenched poverty.

Smiley and West’s message is simple. America today consists of a few powerful, rapacious rich people and a lot of unfortunate, exploited poor people. The rich are rich because they are lucky. The poor are...