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When I read the term "academic justice," a few things came to mind. How about redistributing some of Harvard's "obscenely" large endowment to poorer institutions? Wouldn't that be academic justice? Redistributing money from the rich to the poor is usually considered as justice by people like Korn. Will she approve?
Yes, it actually would be a windfall for the working poor. If the minimum wage were eliminated, then lots more jobs would be created. And then the competition among employers would force up the lowest wages naturally without any need for legislation. Which would you rather hear? "I don't think you're worth the minimum wage, sorry." Or "Please come work for me and I'll pay you more than the other guy."
Zenarts. Are you the person who used to comment under the name Liberal Democrat. If so, I applaud your parody. If not, let me ask three questions. Are you willing to reduce tax rates on everyone in the bottom half? Are you willing to demand that affirmative action include class background in addition to race and gender? Are you willing to push for lower prices for gas (and everything it depends on, which is just about everything) by increased drilling for our own oil? All of these will help those in the bottom half. Despite your whining about the Koch brothers, I don't see that transferring their wealth to that of wealthy liberals and leftists is very helpful. Yes, that's what most distributions amount to. Sure, some people at the very bottom get helped, but meanwhile a lot of people who are near but not right at the bottom have their taxes raised. It's a scam.
"Winding down 2" Ask the Afghan women how they like that.
The next step is to demand that those being hired have degrees from certain universities only (the elite ones, of course).
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Muslims Need to Confront Muslim Evil

JFP Wrote: Sep 24, 2013 9:13 AM
It should be leftists who should be denouncing Islamic terrorism. It's generally too dangerous for moderate Muslims (even those in the West), who receive death threats from the extremists. Where are the demonstrations by leftists in favor of free speech?
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