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How about this: Reporter: Is Obama a Christian? You: What outfit are you with? Reporter: The New York Times (or any other liberal newspaper, magazine, tv station, etc.). You: Sorry, I don't answer questions from people from that outfit. I'm always amazed at the way that Republicans put up with the liberal media socking it to them, while they give Democrats get a free pass. I would never give interviews to any of those people, unless I knew them personally.
I agree it's a great question. It's funny that liberals and leftists never get around to posing it to all the Muslims they champion.
Yes, the Shake Shack burger looks like a good burger compared with the McDonald's burger, but it also looks like it has about ten times as many calories, so I'll stick with the McDonald's burger.
Very sensible. I would add that in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama (and all the other liberals and leftists in the West) are betraying liberals and leftists in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world. He really should read Karima Bennoune's book "Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here" to understand how deeply he has betrayed them.
I don't really remember this media pressure on Bush. If it happened, it didn't happen right away because the left had no idea what to do about Darfur. It was, after all, a situation that couldn't be blamed on anything Bush had done; moreover, it involved two groups from the Third World, so that made it tough for them because they think of everyone in the Third World as oppressed and innocent. I remember Internet discussions where leftists kept changing the subject back to Iraq, and others kept pressing them about what they thought should be done. But as far as I know, they never came up with any kind of reasonable solution. Thanks for reminding us of this situation.
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Obama Wants to Tax Your Savings...Really

JFP Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 11:43 AM
I don't know if it's accurate to say the Swiss are leaving the Euro since they never adopted it and have their own currency, the franc. What they did was to stop preventing the franc's rise against the Euro, and once they did that, the market responded by letting the franc go way up against the Euro.
Nice response, but let me give a different one. Dear Mr. Moore: Let's say you're right. Let's say the sniper was a coward who shot people in the back, and let's say we Americans were invaders. This has been the rhetoric since the 1960s, and it has spread throughout the Western world. The Third World is always innocent and we are always guilty. Except what happens when one of those "innocent" groups in the Third World attacks another innocent group in the Third World? Then what? Well, because of the rhetoric of people like you, there are thousands of people from the West who have run off to join ISIS, one of the most morally repugnant groups to emerge since Pol Pot's group in Cambodia. And how many have run off to help out those they are attacking? So far, I have heard of just three: three guys from Holland ran off to join the Kurds. How about helping the Yazidis? How about helping the Nigerian schoolgirls? No one seems to be doing that. The Yazidis and the Kurds are being helped by those "invaders," the U.S. armed forces, but no one is running off to help those schoolgirls. Can't you figure things out, Mr. Moore? Your idealism isn't working. No one from the West should be running off to join ISIS. Everyone in the West should see how barbaric they are. That some can't, that they instinctively side with an anti-Western group even when that group attacks innocent people, shows that there is something wrong with your rhetoric. Think about it, Mr. Moore. Maybe your next film should be on the Yazidis. Maybe that will give you some insight on who is truly evil in the world. It will make you a better person.
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A Triumph of Terrorism

JFP Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 5:55 PM
There are huge differences. Concerning women, the Islamists want women to be second-class citizens. They are probably against abortion. They want homosexuals to be executed. They hate secular society. They think imperialism by Muslims is fine because they think Allah approves. Finally, they think that they will have the right, once they get power, to kill Western liberals and leftists who haven't converted.
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Oh, You Wacky Islamofascists!!!

JFP Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 2:59 PM
The biggest stumbling for the Islamofascists on their road to world domination is the Chinese. By that I mean both the Chinese government and the dominant ethnic group in China, the Han. Neither wants anything to do with Western political correctness as it applies to Muslims. They don't put up with terrorism from the Uighurs, and I could easily see them nuking Mecca if it came down to a war between the two groups. By the way, what's with the spelling of Hitler's first name as Adolph instead of Adolf?
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Ph.D.'s and other False Gods

JFP Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 12:07 AM
Read Exodus 20:3-6 and tell me why you think that passage is talking about things like art and music.
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