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A Religious Taboo

JFP Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 9:30 AM
"Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas." That was spoken by protesters in Egypt around the time of the Benghazi attack. It represents the thinking of people who are closer to what is happening in the Islamic world than Obama or any of his advisers are. Who should I believe? I'm going with the protesters. I'm disappointed this slogan disappeared so quickly from our nation's consciousness. Conservatives need to bring it up as frequently as possible.

Can we at least agree that reports of al-Qaeda’s death have been greatly exaggerated? You’ll recall that Peter Bergen, a director at the New America Foundation and the national-security analyst for CNN, began pronouncing AQ dead last summer. At the Aspen Institute, he even gave a speech titled “Time to Declare Victory: Al Qaeda Is Defeated.” He defended this thesis repeatedly, including in a debate with me on Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN.

President Obama has not gone quite that far. Prior to the election, in stump speeches round the country, he said al-Qaeda had been “decimated.” And even...