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Trayvon Martin Case Shows 'Racist' Epithet Persists

jforsythe Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 7:30 PM
Barr is a fruitcake anyway! she has no idea what she is talking about. We now know that Martin is not the cute 10 year old kid the media has been showing. He was 6' 3" and 17 years old. After Zimmerman reported his suspicious activities to the authorities and started back to his truck, Martin followed Zimmerman, and attacked him, breaking his nose and bloodying his head. Zimmerman did what he had to do to protect himself from being killed. It is time for the racists who are fanning the flames of racism around the country to back off and let the authorities take the appropriate action based upon the facts determined in their investigation.
topknot Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 4:21 PM
Old Barr is just trying to get back in the spotlight she is to damn fat and ugly to get a job and she jumped on this band wagon to get her name and ugly face in the media.
If there’s one way to determine whether an event has devolved into a circus maximus, surely it must be the entry into the public debate by Roseanne Barr.

The erstwhile comedian and celebrity took up the Twitter cause last week on behalf of the late Trayvon Martin, the black teenager killed on Feb. 26 by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain in his gated community of Sanford, Fla.

Of course, as a citizen, Ms. Barr has every right to speak out about this or any issue she chooses. But it comes as no surprise that she tweeted an erroneous address for...