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Original K, you seem to be getting very bogged down in the timing aspect of the issue. What is your opinion of the main stated observation ----- that Dems believe "dysfunction" occurs whenever Congress/White House fail to make government bigger and more intrusive?
" right wing were hysterically pushing absolutely INSANE theories about Ebola" Original K, what part of this fact don't you understand? : Ebola has a 70% fatality rate.
I think I get Original King. He throws as much sh1tt as possible at the wall hoping that some of it will stick. He doesn't understand who this readership is. Nothing he has ever thrown at Townhall columns has ever stuck. Original K, move on to MoveOn. Maybe some morons who read their stuff will relate to your randomly thrown "facts".
I think the Pope is spiritually a Leftist, and culturally a Catholic. His politics seem far more important to him than maintaining Catholic doctrine and traditions.
You and I can tell the truth better than the Dems can lie.
After the Dems dissolve the constitution Libertarians and conservatives will have no voice. What part of that don't you understand?
Not thick headed if you consider the possibility that the Pope has replaced his Catholic faith with the faith of Socialism.
Enrique, if it looks like leftism, smells like leftism and tastes like leftism..... it is leftism. The reason you socialists have such a difficult time trying to defend your positions is because you rely on your own warped definitions of words and concepts. Try not distorting the meaning of your words and then will start feeling more intelligent about the arguments that you put forth.
Fortunately, your vote (or lack thereof) didn't matter in this last election. Why can't you libertarian purists see that if the last election had resulted in a Dem majority in Congress, the constitution would survive for about one more year?
Based on my comments, I don't know how you conclude that I want amnesty to anyone, much less criminals. I'm saying conservatives need to convert as many non-whites as possible to conservatism, ASAP.
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