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I took Lindsay's advice: I finally viewed an entire soccer game before deciding to publicly comment on the sport. Now I sit here with two pencils jammed into my eye sockets. The boredom was just too much. My advice to others who wish to criticize soccer: don't bother viewing an entire game before deciding to criticize soccer.
Original King, I do not believe that you wish all of us have a very happy and safe 4th of July. I believe that you only want your fellow socialists to enjoy this celebration of non-socialism. Please grow up and stop labeling as "divisive" any concept that you are unable to understand. Please try to concentrate on the issues that are truly divisive --- such as the President of the US wiping his back side with the constitution. That is the real example of divisiveness during this weeks national holiday celebration of non-socialism.
If only Ben had been campaigning in 2007 and 2008.
Everyone: please save this article and dispense to liberals as necessary. This article will serve you well for many decades to come.
Victor, Thank you for providing me with a cure that I can dispense to my friends and relatives who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome, and who have no control over their tendency to adulterate history and facts.
Original King says everyone should just have ignored the mayor. No, the mayor should not have been ignored. Original King has learned nothing from the 90 comments on this article, nor has he learned anything from history. He has no understanding of how other great societies from the past have crashed and burned. It should in fact be BIG news when a major political figure conveys pride in displaying how little concern he has for the moral development of children who witnessed his narcissistic behavior on a public broadcast.
Prager probably takes offense to you stating that he takes offense. Prager's point was not to convey how the mayor affected him personally. It was to display an example of how our culture/society is in serious decline.
The accomplishments of a millionaires who play a game are insignificant when contrasted with the decline of what used to be the greatest country in history.
The accomplishments of millionaires who play a game are insignificant when contrasted with the decline of what used be the greatest country in history.
... and he is a narcissist who doesn't care if children hear "f------" on a public broadcast.
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