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"We are not going to defeat an organization like that by killing them all." Actually, we DO have to kill them all. That's how Nazism was defeated. Nazism was a religion just as much as it was an economic systems.
Circumcision of infant boys in America is not mutilation. Islamic genital mutilation of women is mutilation.
Infant boys in America who have been circumcised can still have and enjoy sex later in life, possibly even more than if they had not been circumcised. Can circumcised women in Muslim countries say the same thing? Breaking News For Socialists, Progressives and Muslims: presenting an argument of moral equivalency only works if both sides are morally equivalent.
"Moderate" Muslims have had 13 years to create a Reform Mosque of Civilized Islam but we infidels are still waiting...crickets crickets crickets. Our current leaders such as Obama and Kerry, who's brains are made of cream cheese, are easily fooled and manipulated by the real Muslims. But eventually the adults (who actually learn something from history) will be in charge of America again. When that happens, an important task for conservatives will be preventing Left Wing media scum from spinning the story in their favor--- in other words, preventing them from condemning us for cleaning up their foreign and domestic messes.
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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

JFK Democrat Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 4:56 PM
Rocky, We need to win first. If we don't win, then we (including you) don't matter.
Socialism (Democrats) created the current black-on-black violence. As soon as the African American community realizes that capitalism does not equate to whiteness, they will recover from this madness.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

JFK Democrat Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 1:04 PM
"Moderate" Muslims have had 13 years to starkly separate themselves from the Islamic terrorists, but we are still waiting. Still no "Reform Mosque for a Civilized Islam", or whatever it might be called. Crickets, Crickets, Crickets.
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Obama's Unnecessary, Unpromising War

JFK Democrat Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 6:17 PM
1) So-called "moderate" Muslims have had 13 years to separate themselves in a big way from the terrorists-- but still there is no Reform Mosque for a Civilized Islam. 2) American presidents, including Bush, have refused to pressure Muslims regarding issue 1 above. Until issues 1 and 2 above are dealt with, all we can do is protect are borders. But Mr. Chapman doesn't want to do that either.
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Civilized Sport

JFK Democrat Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 1:18 PM
Linda: What percentage of those NFL player domestic abuse cases involved players who had been raised by a single mother? Might that percentage be the same as the general population? Please pull your head out of the sand (or wherever else it might be inserted) and admit that you have cherry picked your statistics, and that you have not examined all possible correlations-- or even the most important correlations. The sport is brutal but considering how much money they make, they could still provide themselves with enough to retire even if they restricted themselves to playing for only one or two years. I know I could retire based on just one years earnings of just the average NFL player. We don't need to water down the sport. Instead--- just disperse the injuries over more players.
The parents of Abe Lincoln had the best idea of all-- ensure that the child has two responsible parents. The child's environment is a far less significant factor. Abe grew up in a log cabin with a dirt floor, and educated himself by candle light. If that type of physical environment can render one of the country's greatest presidents then why are we not pounding into the heads of progressives the importance of the parenting factor? So far it is just lip service. Instead, it must be relentlessly pounded into their thick skulls. With the same force that they relentlessly pound on us.
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