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Ferguson, Fate & Fatherlessness

JFK Democrat Wrote: 16 hours ago (9:44 PM)
The two people most responsible for Michael Brown's death and the riots in Ferguson are the parents of Michael Brown. They didn't not properly teach him about the most basic dangers in life: do not put your finger in a light bulb socket, do not cross a street without looking both ways first, do not drink Draino or any other cleaning supplies, do not walk up to a police officer (of any race) and punch him in the face or attempt to take away his weapon. No one in the media, not even Fox, is laying the blame squarely where it belongs. Those parents should be arrested for child neglect, not to mention inciting a riot.
The demonstrators want sweeping policy changes in the Ferguson Police Department. I guess that means that in the future punks should be able to walk up to a police officer and punch him in the face. Anything less would be racist.
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For What It's Worth

JFK Democrat Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 12:49 AM
Using technology from 45 years ago we placed humans on the moon. I don't want to hear anymore bullsch11t about how technically "difficult" it would be to physically secure the border. No sane American believes that bs.
"...but you live in daily terror of making a fatal misstep." What about documented, legal citizens (like me) who live in daily terror of open-borders constitution-stomping people like Chapman and Obama? They want to transform this country into one party socialist state. Waving in millions of illegals is a great start.
I wonder when Barry heard about the decision to kill Osama bin Laden?
For those unfamiliar with Stevie Chapman: 2+2=5 unsecured borders = secure borders illegal immigrant = legal immigrant cooperating = not cooperating
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How to Properly Play the Race Card

JFK Democrat Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 8:20 AM
"Never accept the premise of your opponent’s argument." I think the GOP was thoroughly limp 15 years ago when they allowed the left wing media to hijack the labeling system of the states when election results are displayed. The GOP and Fox News never should have allowed Dems to call themselves "Blue", or to call Republicans "Red". This is a$$ backwards and everyone on both sides knows it. I think if Fox News and other conservative media had any spine they would re-hijack the labeling protocol and just start calling Dem states "Pink" or "Yellow", and start calling Republican states "Green" --- or whatever color systems allows conservatives to "Reverse the premise of your opponent’s argument and use it against him."
More white faces are suicide for the GOP. It can't be Kasich, even though his credentials are excellent.
A Jindal-Haley ticket would be even tougher to beat.
... and how he is going to explain to the GOP how he will answer the mainstream media when they start peppering him with Young Earth questions.
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