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And Now, An Election Message from 'The Hangover' Cast

JFKDem Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 1:19 AM
Yes-a vote for Johnson-thanks, comrade (from Barak 'divide and conquer' Obama).

Half-assed celebrity get-out-the-vote "activism" at its finest.  Impressively, it only took them four attempts to nail the three-sentence message:

Technically, they don't tell anyone whom to support, but they're leaning up against an Obama bus, and the clip is posted on The One's official YouTube page.  So they've left some subtle clues for all the low-propensity, default liberal, Hangover-lovin' undergrads who might be "inspired" by this sort of thing.  Think it through, guys. You'll figure it out.  I enjoyed

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