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Allen West Betrayed

Jetman1979 Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 11:10 AM
West is a big threat to most everyone in Washington because he tells the truth and he will not fall into their traps of taking pay backs. West is the man we need in Washington to clean them out and clean up the trash that has been there for way to long.


Can someone please explain to me why the Republican party of Florida allowed Congressman Allen West to be gerrymandered out of his congressional district?

West is the most prominent and best-spoken elected conservative in the United States. He’s a motorcycle-riding war hero, a passionate Christian, and a patriot. He’s the first black Republican Congressman from Florida since Reconstruction, and he is as strong a vice presidential candidate as anyone. Now he might not even have his seat in Congress next year. Why do we want to take one of our best players out of the game?

It would make sense if this were Massachusetts or California: if a Democrat-majority state...