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Confirmed: Despite Recycled DNC Speech, Obama Gets Poll Bounce

Jesus20 Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 1:56 PM
. . . if people are stupid enough to vote based off "likeability" alone, then they deserve what they get. Sorry to sound harsh but it is just such a foolish reason to vote for a President.
a Concerned American Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 2:04 PM
These are the same people who, if of the female persuasion, would have been easily charmed by a Ted Bundy, only to pay for their smittenness with their lives; who, if they were children, would have easily taken a ride in a car with a child molester / pedophile (and ended up rotting in an open field); and in any case, are fundamentally callow, vapid, vacuous, shallow, superficial, stupid, gullible, weak (morally and otherwise), highly susceptible to the leftist propaganda spewed forth, easily swayed by emotion - and with a lower I.Q. than Kim Kardashian and "Jersey Shore's" Snooki *combined*.

At least the man is consistent.  From failed jobs programs to major speeches, he's always inclined to go green.  The Republican National Committee has produced a new video comparing Obama's acceptance speech in Charlotte to the rhetoric he employed on the campaign trail in 2008.  Similarities abound:

I understand why they wanted to limit the clip to under a minute, but I'm confident the RNC had much more material to work with -- especially if they'd cast a wider net to include the president's tired...