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Can we conservatives get a grip? Shockingly, there are other people out there who Romney has to appeal to, not just us. We know where he stands, he's said it multiple times. Can we just let him appeal to moderates without jumping all over him? The Dems sure know how to do this. Everyone knew that Obama was for gay marriage even as he said he wasn't, it didn't stop people who support gay marriage from supporting Obama because they knew where he really stood on it. Watching the DNC, you would think that the Democrats are hugely patriotic and listen to Toby Keith all the time. They know where Obama really stands, but they let him say stuff like "Gov't isn't the only solution" because they know he has to appeal to moderates.
. . . if people are stupid enough to vote based off "likeability" alone, then they deserve what they get. Sorry to sound harsh but it is just such a foolish reason to vote for a President.
Economy matters but at least some people vote on principles. Although, yeah, I guess the economy would matter more to undecideds. I dunno, we'll see what happens. I'm rooting for Romney.
Jonah, I hate to say it but I have to disagree with you. Romney presented a plan and goals in his speech. He's made it clear he wants change by picking Paul Ryan. He's presented white papers, though those obviously don't get out much. The man has a plan, I really don't see where you get this "no ideas" thing from. Are they trying to appeal to moderates? Yeah, and personally I don't see how that is a bad move. Romney pretty well has the base locked up at this point. I know after watching the RNC I'm certainly more stoked for the election and voting for Romney, even though there wasn't a ton of red meat. End of the day, this election is likely to be decided by those moderates and independents.
But why wouldn't they be able to get 74k people? Obama easily filled over 80k seats last cycle. It's like Mitt Romney says, there's something wrong if the most exciting time for you was when you voted for candidate Obama.
Yeah, I think it's pretty safe to say weather had nothing to do with it.
While that would be awesome. I doubt it.
I noticed that sign that said "Don't take away my birth control". Excuse me, you can have all the birth control you want, I just don't see why I have to pay for it.
Can't they just say, that's all well and good but we disagree with his policies and that's what matters? I mean, you don't need to put a negative spin on every last little thing. Would it kill them to admit he's a nice guy? Sadly, the answer is probably yes.
Hehehehe, pretty soon just so much as mentioning "Obama" will be a racist dog whistle.
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Obama Camp Melts Down Over Ryan's Speech

Jesus20 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 10:18 AM
Guy, thank you! I have been waiting for this all morning while I've been checking out the lefty blogs and such. I knew there was more to the story, especially on that GM plant, that they weren't reporting. My first inkling was when HuffPost did admit that Obama actually spoke at the plant, a fact few other lefties mention. Glad to have the truth brother.
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