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Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District

JESS46 Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 10:00 AM
School boards HATE it when parents & taxpayers show up at their meetings. We need to get involved, attend meetings, and do what this district did--vote the union friendly school board OUT. You'll know who they are quickly, and they are sometimes a husband or wife of a union teacher! Bravo to this Colorado school district. Now that they did this I'm sure more will follow. I will be sending this article to my friends in Wisconsin - surprised this district wasnt in Wisconsin - they are REALLY fed up with the unions, but then again the unionis lost big time with act 10, & again with the June 5 recall. Taxpayers spoke loud & clear! Even with massive voter fraud. On that note get involved, vote, and be a poll watcher in November!
ncutsail Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 10:55 AM
You are right Jess, I have been asked to leave several school parent teacher meetings because I ask questions that they can't answer, but that I do know the answers. They don't like people that are a little ahead of what their agenda is. What? Can't have a soda for lunch anymore? Take you own damned lunch in a cooler with your soda in it. If you can't use their cafeteria, go outside. I don't think the lunch hour police will bother you. If they do, call the real police dept. and make a complaint against him and the school for not allowing you to eat. You have a cell phone, USE IT!!!

The trouble with education in this country starts and ends with unions. They are out-of- touch museum relics, fitting for a day that used rotary presses to distribute the news, but wildly inappropriate for an age that‘s both wired and wireless.

Unions have prevented, and continue to prevent, much-needed reforms in education, public finance and government. They cultivate a sense of entitlement wholly out of order for the times, which call for more self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

Frankly, unions suck.


They suck the money out of our wallets; they suck productivity out of workers; and suck up all the leavings from the...