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The Media Lobbyists Lose on Guns

JerseyPete Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 7:21 AM
This fight is not over. The left must disarm the population or they can never force their will upon us. They is relentless. They won't rest; we can't rest. They will return with vengeance.
President Obama suffered a large, embarrassing loss in the Senate on a slew of gun-control bills. If this were a Republican president, they'd be sounding the lame-duck alarms on the nightly newscasts. But most media outlets can't do this. They were fully vested in this campaign alongside Obama, and to underscore his weakness is to acknowledge their own.

Since mid-December, the broadcast networks and cable news hosts like Piers Morgan and Joe Scarborough have relentlessly lobbied for gun control. On how many occasions did they completely shred the notion of objectivity -- of journalism itself -- and boldly engage in lobbying for...