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Defending the Right to Self-Defense

Jerseygyrl Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 10:34 AM
And if we lived in an area of the country that does ban guns for self defense the whole situation you described would have gone bad. It's sad that nobody is looking at the states/cities that ban guns today and see how the "gun violence" is out of control and the cities cry to the police/national guard for help. What's the objective here? to make us all defenseless against violence and let gun control get out of control everywhere? The police are only there to follow up after a crime has been committed how often are they already there at your house to save you in the few minutes you have to survive? Thanks for posting @jcamargo

The recent spate of mass shootings has prompted President Obama and his allies in Congress to pursue new gun control laws with special urgency. Mr. Obama is correct in sensing that the American people are ready for serious action on this issue, but he is mistaken in thinking that they are in agreement with him regarding the best way to address gun violence in America. His choice to focus exclusively on guns to the virtual exclusion of mental health issues or the role of violence in the media has backfired drastically. Gun sales are at record levels, and supply can hardly...