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The GOP: A Most Unpopular Majority Party

Jerry6614 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 12:43 PM
Very well said. Romney did not take off any gloves and attack Obama where he was vulnerable to criticism. He came out with "he's a nice guy but its just his policies are wrong". Well, if he did not find out that he is not so nice a guy in the campaign, where he accused Romney of everything but rape, he was not listening. I personally told this to Mitt in an early exploratory campaign fund raiser. I mentioned that we cannot stand another McCain campaign where he does not take on the liar in chief and call him out for his mistruths , racial dividing and class warfare. At the end, Mitt backed off of attacking Obama apparently believing that being a nice guy would carry the day. It did not and he lost. I agree with David. Whats to lose?
gungy Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 1:46 PM
Jerry6614, you should have been running the Romney campaign instead of the McCain campaign rejects and, most likely, saboteurs (remember "Etch a Sketch"?) who actually did.
And I don't want to see the so-called Republicans and conervatives who actually stayed home and helped reselect Obama to complain about the next four years. They should be banned from Townhall.
gungy Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 1:47 PM
and patsfan is doubtless one of them. He essentially voted for Obama.
Jack2894 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 12:51 PM
If he had been more aggressive, he would have motivated a few far right wing screwballs, but he would have alienated more centrists.
CardSenseJimmyBond Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 1:25 PM
Depends on what he was agrresive about...
CardSenseJimmyBond Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 1:26 PM
annfan_777 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 1:27 PM
You're an idiot, and a liar. "centrists" don't seem to care about Obama alienating them - in fact they never say a word about liberal extremism.
Isn't it tragically ironic that the man who rode the perfect storm into public office on the horse of national unity has now perfected the politics of division so spectacularly that he won re-election despite the worst record in decades?

For when you sift through the rubble from the Republican Party's 2012 nuclear catastrophe, you find consistent clues pointing to a simple explanation: We lost because Barack Obama convinced enough voters that he cares more about people than Mitt Romney, a rich white guy who is contemptuous of the poor, women, blacks and seniors. Never mind results; Obama cares and Republicans don't.