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No nuclear allowed by the leftists/ environmentalists. Forget that one. It produces energy in other countries but not in" my back yard." Nothing we currently have will replace oil and the value and variety of petroleum products. If there was such a substance it would be developed and being sold for billions. Wind is way too unreliable and not available in sufficient quantity for sustained use. Solar has value but it still cannot replace coal and oil. You have assumed that warming is a bad thing. Forget that it has not occurred in almost two decades in this country and that there have been many warmer periods in recorded history than now. iWhat we should be in fear of is an ice age because that has a dramatic effect on production of our necessary food chain. As recently as the 40"s -50's that was what scientists wrote about as the coming menace. Wrong again.
I am with you. The problem is people thinking government is the solution. Its the problem. Term limits, sunset provisions on spending laws, getting rid of half the staffers and eliminating all the redundant agencies which perpetrate themselves with no purpose other than to exist. People today are non-thinking sheep who follow the flock and thus we get an Obama.
How in the world did this shallow report come from a Managaing Editor of Town Hall. No analysis at all of the types of jobs- full or part time-nor how many people went out of the job market at the same time.
No, it makes her an Obama supporter. She takes her guide to political lying from the BO in the WH.
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O'Reilly: Killing History

Jerry6614 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 6:25 PM
So why are you reading this article by Ann Coulter and then posting on the site? You must care because you are reading and listening. BTW, who do you read or listen to that we should all follow that is not biased?
When they stop violating the First Amendment and other Constitutional guarantees.
So its illegal in 31. I should be left to the states under the 10th Amendment as it has always been.
Ross83: You cannot just post the same statement over and over and make it any more correct by repetition. You assume what is not true, namely that when you open a store you can not refuse customers -for anything but behavior. That is what this whole issue is about. You can refuse to serve anyone you choose until the Gestapo we call government tells you it violates some law. Not serving people based on race is proscribed but there is no class of people who have same- sex preferences that are protected. "No shirt, not shoes, no service" is not forbidden. And that is not a health issue but a preference of the owner. Discrimination is not illegal. All of us do it daily in who we associate with, who we invite to our house, who we do business with, who we date, marry, accept as clients or customers, approve for membership etc. Referring to a law prohibiting a certain type of discrimination ( Irish, Blacks) does not make it cover every case of discriminating behavior in a business or proprietorship.
John: Please do what you promised. I will pay for burial expenses.
Obamacare can be fixed? You have got to be kidding. Only by repeal and start over. There is nothing in that POS that can withstand any scrutiny. Brigand, you are no conservative and not even a Republican. Paul Ryan's dramatic victory? More like Patty Murray's dramatic victory. Boehner is an idiot and Ryan is in training to be one.
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Should the GOP Bail Out Obamacare?

Jerry6614 Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 12:51 AM
There is no lifeline until the ACA is repealed and forever thrown into the trash bin of other liberal failures at running society through the government. Then and only then should any Republican roll up his/her sleeves and create opportunity again for private sector plans, across state lines.
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