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Ross83: You cannot just post the same statement over and over and make it any more correct by repetition. You assume what is not true, namely that when you open a store you can not refuse customers -for anything but behavior. That is what this whole issue is about. You can refuse to serve anyone you choose until the Gestapo we call government tells you it violates some law. Not serving people based on race is proscribed but there is no class of people who have same- sex preferences that are protected. "No shirt, not shoes, no service" is not forbidden. And that is not a health issue but a preference of the owner. Discrimination is not illegal. All of us do it daily in who we associate with, who we invite to our house, who we do business with, who we date, marry, accept as clients or customers, approve for membership etc. Referring to a law prohibiting a certain type of discrimination ( Irish, Blacks) does not make it cover every case of discriminating behavior in a business or proprietorship.
John: Please do what you promised. I will pay for burial expenses.
Obamacare can be fixed? You have got to be kidding. Only by repeal and start over. There is nothing in that POS that can withstand any scrutiny. Brigand, you are no conservative and not even a Republican. Paul Ryan's dramatic victory? More like Patty Murray's dramatic victory. Boehner is an idiot and Ryan is in training to be one.
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Should the GOP Bail Out Obamacare?

Jerry6614 Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 12:51 AM
There is no lifeline until the ACA is repealed and forever thrown into the trash bin of other liberal failures at running society through the government. Then and only then should any Republican roll up his/her sleeves and create opportunity again for private sector plans, across state lines.
I meant to say Hewitt thinks Rubio was NOT harmed by his stand. The opposite is true as he was the face of the GOP in this gang of 8. I am totally on board with Ted Cruz. The smartest and the most honest and conservative of the contenders.
Absolutely correct Difiscus. Rubio lost all credibility with me in voting for this piece of garbage. While Hewitt thinks he is harmed, I am never going to be persuaded that he is a "star" of anything. He sold his conservative credentials with lies to us and then told the truth on Mexican radio about the bill. He got caught and I heard him on Rush just try to B.S. his way through. Hewitt, you are part of the problem not the solution. This article is just inane.
Multiculturalism as the goal for higher education is a continuing joke. The goal should be to admit and educate the most qualified, whatever the race may be. Are you the only sane one at UNC Wilmington, Mike?
That has to be the dumbest post of the year. Republicans want to starve the beast? The beast has been fed $6 trillion by Obama and the money printers and to what result? NONE but waste of taxpayer money for waste like Solyndra, GM bailouts and other boondoggles. Republicans are the ones fighting to stop the run-away spending. No Federal budget from the Democrat controlled congress since 2009? How can any organization run a business or government without a budget and sticking to it? Paul Ryan made several thoughtful suggestions on entitlements and they were not even voted on by the Senate. The ones who are clueless are people like you and your comrades in the Dimwit party.
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Time to Remove Boehner as Speaker?

Jerry6614 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 2:37 PM
Idiotic! Those people are paying for theirs and others entitlements with payroll deductions. That is not income tax! 50% pay no income tax. . And, Warren Buffet is a buffoon to argue that its unfair that his secretary pays a higher tax percentage than he does. Who cares? He pays millions and millions in taxes just as Romney does and others whose bracket turns out to be 15% or so. They support the government with multi-millions of dollars more than the secretary. And who established the tax rule that you should pay the maximum tax possible and have no deductions or exemptions or invest in dividends or capital gains which have lower rates. Following the tax code is not "unfair" except to people like you who complain about others taxes.
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The GOP: A Most Unpopular Majority Party

Jerry6614 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 12:43 PM
Very well said. Romney did not take off any gloves and attack Obama where he was vulnerable to criticism. He came out with "he's a nice guy but its just his policies are wrong". Well, if he did not find out that he is not so nice a guy in the campaign, where he accused Romney of everything but rape, he was not listening. I personally told this to Mitt in an early exploratory campaign fund raiser. I mentioned that we cannot stand another McCain campaign where he does not take on the liar in chief and call him out for his mistruths , racial dividing and class warfare. At the end, Mitt backed off of attacking Obama apparently believing that being a nice guy would carry the day. It did not and he lost. I agree with David. Whats to lose?
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