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Its private land where energy has increased, public land production has DECREASED under Obama. Had you listen to Fox you would know that, but since you listen to MSM you would not know that.
I see so asking for a photo id is preventing people from voting, hmm so if i wanted to go to the Dept of Justice to complain, i wont need a photo id RIGHT? OHHhhhhhhh yes i will need one, so that means Our the delpt of Justices does the same thing, How terrible. You always refer to RACISM.
Democrats will never understand, we buy a business to MAKE MONEY, and when dems increase our costs, we do everything me can ti reduce those cost so we can keep making money. PERIOD
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A Doctor Finally Sues on Obamacare

jerry5716 Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 8:27 AM
but lying is ok?
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Welcome to the Kludgeocracy

jerry5716 Wrote: Nov 29, 2013 10:06 AM
good point, its also feeds that hugh ego
You talk about staying home if he is elected, stupid, look what happened when you stayed home and not voted for Romney. Had you voted we would not have Obama as a president. Great idea? You just voted for a liberal to be president, HOW DID THAT WORK OUR FOR YOU ALL. STUPID PEOPLE STAYED HOME SO A SUTUPID PERSON GOT ELECTED. YOU ARE ALL DUMB SH**
Whats more important? blaming someone or correcting the problem? You seem to think its blaming someone. Both parties are just as guilty. Now its time to fix it, by reducing spending and creating job
The rock that these people come out from under each morning must be hugh
Democrats in Wash DC want to do the same thing, except they will tell you the results will be different. It will increase jobs. Just love liberal logic, so crazy
You forget one thing, at some point we will run out of someone else's money. Then what?
Are you serious? Any business looks ahead, sees increased cost of doing business, and if it obvious they cant make end meet, time to close down. Just because its a year away doesn't mean those addtional costs will go away.
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