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The Civil and Human "Right" to American Citizenship

Jerry555 Wrote: Apr 27, 2013 2:49 PM
I hear GrahamNesty and Rubio on shows like Hannity, and I really wonder? These Liberal (Communist) DemoLOONS in DC, really know how to control the agenda, the narrative. They have people like Graham, and Rubio talking in all directions. Look what happened to Portman, his son is Gay, (he has other children, why does this make it the deciding point) but this does not mean we should have Gay Marriage. Again, the Liberals really know how to control the Narrative, somehow, this has to change.

In Eric Holder's America, there's no Constitutional right to gun ownership, no right to life for the unborn, no right of conscience for Catholics (or other people of faith) who disagree with elements of ObamaCare . . . but there is a "right to citizenship" as a matter of "civil and human rights" for illegal aliens.

Witness Holder's newest utterance, offered in a major-league suck up speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund:


"Creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is essential. The way...