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Senate Democrats: Um, Let's "Postpone" Obamacare's Medical Device Tax

Jerry555 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 8:28 PM
Mr Boehner has a very bad hand dealt to him, I am not sure why he removed people from their spots, but he had the votes, he did not need to do that. I would like to see anyone take his seat, you try to deal with the Kenyan in Chief, you try to deal with Dinjee Harry and the CAP AP Reuters ABC CBS NBC CNN MSLSD and the rest of the Liberal Media. People should be getting mad at the Media... What about BENGHAZI?
JasonCharleston Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 9:18 PM
Boycott them. Starving the beast is the only way. I don't even own cable.
RiCkY.D. Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 8:55 PM
Jerry555 your sire are an ignorant shill!....................... Boehner is suppose to lead and yet he has did nothing other than cave time and time again! Where the heck have you been over the past 4 years , NOT PAYING ATTENTION ..............that is where. Only closeted democrat or a sheer fool would stand with John Boehner at this point !

What a pity.  If only someone had demonstrated the foresight to warn against the destructive consequences of Obamacare's medical device tax, they might have helped turn public sentiment sharply against the law prior to passage.  Oh, that's right, conservatives did -- and the American people rose up in opposition.  Now, the very actors who are most responsible for ignoring public demands and jamming through Obamacare are trying to "delay" or repeal a major element of their law, warning that it could stifle medical innovation and kill jobs.  Welcome to the party, guys.  You're about two years too late: