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Conflicting Polls Add Confusion in Tight Wisconsin Senate Race

Jerry555 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:13 PM
Do Not Vote for any Democratic SENATORS TOMORROW. They are Conspiring to invoke a VAT tax, this will impose a tax on every level of production. This is COMMUNISM

As campaigns across the country squeeze in last minute appeals, polls released mid-to-late last week show that the Wisconsin Senate race remains tight, although one poll shows the Democrat candidate Tammy Baldwin regaining a lead over Republican Tommy Thompson.

That specific poll, the Marquette Law School Poll, shows some rather confusing results: it has Baldwin as of Oct. 31 enjoying a 47 to 43 percent advantage, compared to their next most recent poll of 46 to 45 percent advantage for Thompson. The poll also showed a similar trend in the presidential race, with Obama opening his lead in Wisconsin...

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