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Bracing for Impact: Obama Readies 19 Executive Actions on Gun Control

Jerry555 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 7:57 PM
The House should use the Left Wing Communist Tactic, start filing a bunch of lawsuits and bunch up the Courts, and DUMP SO MUCH GARBAGE on this administration it will be impossible to FUNCTION, this is what they did to bOOsh. Then Pelosi and Reid started spending TRILLIONS to make it look like bOOsh did this, and the Manufactured Housing Crisis by the Liberals, the tanked the economy, was the fault of the Republicans.

Vice President Joe Biden delivered his gun control recommendations to President Barack Obama last night. Today the President is expected to announce some of them and later this week will announce as many as 19 executive actions his office will take to curb what he calls "gun violence." More from POLITICO:

The White House has identified 19 executive actions for President Barack Obama to move unilaterally on gun control, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of House Democrats on Monday, the administration’s first definitive statements about its response to last month’s mass shooting at Sandy...