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I believe he would like the central govt. to get out of the way and quit holding the black population down.
Please liberals/dems/progs: Stay up north where you belong1
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The Government We Deserve

JERRY259 Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 7:53 AM
All of these organizations are good at making you donate and thinking that they will help you make a difference but you see nothing from them. The should answer every negative ad from the lib/prog/socialists whit a stronger counter ad. The only organization I found that represents my views and puts the money where their mouth is is the senate conservatives fund.
You have the Myrtle Beach station wrong, it's 99.5 wrnn
Drayburn: Are you really as dumb as you sound?
Don't confuse these appeasers with facts.
The Republicans getting away from the t-party slash and burn policy? Why not just elect all liberals? That appears to be the definition of co-operation, roll over and give them all the tax and spend they want, the establishment repubs don't appear to have any real principles.
Is this a payoff to the owners of the building so they can lease it at current rates, probably back to the govt.
spoken like a true union goon
Fire all of obamas unelected czars,fire all there staffs, close all there offices,sell their furnishings, void all their onerous regulations. Make congress do their jobs and vote no regulations. This would get business hiring again and allow new ones to start resulting in more people working and paying taxes.
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