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Most attorney's are liberal, I was amazed, my old partner on the PD decided to go to college and get smart! He was a died in the wool Republican when we rode in the patrol car together for several years, a few years later I had to hire him to help me with Workers Comp after an accident disabled me. He had gone through college, got his masters, the his JD and amazing as it may seem after seven years in college being indoctrinated by liberals, he became a damn democrat. We still speak but not so often any more....
The Republicans are making an attempt to stop this nations plunge into communism lead by King Obama and his Tzars. I can only pray that the succeed!
You know that was the only thing I ever felt sorry for Billy boy was that b1tch he was married to, no damn wonder he had to dunk his cigars up his interns twats before smoking them.
Not to sure about police, from what I can recall of my 20 years wearing a badge, not a lot of cops like democrats.
Ahhhaaa Scotch!
Not only is he responsible for those deaths but for the deaths of American's who he feels are fighting with the Taliban, as far as I know no other president has ever put out a contract of fellow Americans no matter where they are living or that they are doing, they still have rights under the Constitution, and should not be blown up by a sealthy robo killer.
From your mouth go God's ear!
Man what's that thing you're smokin? Open up that window and let some air into your room, who's that girl your screwing, must be Hillery by her strange perfume....
EXACTLY! I have been thinking that since 9/12/12!
I can still recall coming home from work at Fort Bliss to my quarters at 339 Merritt Road Fort Bliss Tx. and watching with a tear in my eye when MY President, the man who got us out of Vietnam, the man who stood up for our military while the nation turned their backs on us as we got off the planes from Nam, resigned. Nixon was TEN TIMES better then Obama, or even Clinton for that matter. He behaved in a presidential manner all while he served. I can only hope when Obama sees the Republican bulls coming his way he acts with the dignity of the office and steps down before the impeachment begins.
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