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Maher is slime, and those who admire him have had their brains slimed.
I like John Bolton. I think the perfect position for him was Ambassador to the U.N. I don't think he is a good fit for VP, because the media would trash him so much. I also think the U.N. is a waste of our money.
Aptly spoken.
Walks like a muslim, talks like a muslim: I think it's a muslim.
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The Romney Coronation Begins?

Jerry2360 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 12:05 AM
We have been snookered by the media. Santorum won Iowa, but it was called for Romney. Romney vilifies his opponents, who don't have the deep pockets to fight back effectively, so the slander stands. Even Foxnews, which I watch regularly, has been pushing Romney for months. The problem with Romney is he argues both sides of an issue with equal eloquence. That means we don't know where he stands on anything. This is a gigantic con job by the Republican Establishment. Good luck.
At the end of the clip, he almost says "will be overturned." He said "will be over... will be upheld." Freudian slip, revealing what he really thinks. He thinks it will be overturned. But he thinks his offal smells good too, so he can talk us all into it.
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