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The affirmation militant homosexuals seek, they will never acquire, for deep down their jaded conscience irritates them with the reality of their deviance. They will not be satisfied with acceptance, they will insist you join them in their aberration. Even that will not assuage them. There is no peace for them.
The only thing really wrong with Sarah Palin was the horrible, malicious way the media treated her. The evil forces of progressivism saw how the people loved her and so they set out to destroy her. They are still trying to destroy her, by casting her as an idiot or by trashing her children. No one would dare to treat BHO's family like they treated the Palins. If it had not been for Palin, McCain's numbers would have been an incredible embarassment. It would have been not just a loss, but a huge landslide for The One. Palin uses a different sort of syntax, but her thought processes are just fine.
Who writes these ads? Why do they always build a case and then don't clinch the sale. It's always a wimpy ending. "Let them be strong again?" Geez! Make the point!
I didn't think anyone could be as nuts as Pelosi, but Hoyer just proved me wrong.
Both these guys, Romney and Portman, need to take acting classes so they can get in touch with some EMOTION.
Reporting to you from the USSA. (United Socialist States of America)
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White House: ObamaCare Not a Tax

Jerry2360 Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 2:14 PM
I like that.
No. It finally convinced me that Republicans might just deliver for a change.
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