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Of course, the primary purpose in this illegal ruling is to give voting rights to illegal immigrants. Second to that are other government benefits. When will the states assert their rights under the Constitution and refuse orders from federal judges who seek to seize the legal power of the states?
The root of the problem is that there are never any adverse consequences to the woman who claims rape falsely.
Mr. Rubio, our tyrannical president is embracing another tyrannical ruler in violation of at least five congressional acts. Why don't you lobby for impeachment instead of just talking? Nothing short of impeachment will stop this dictator.
There are at least five acts of Congress which regulate commerce with Cuba. The president had no authority to dispense worth these acts. The president continues to act as a king or dictator. Congress should impeach. NOW!
Preschool programs are just another Welfare benefit. We will let the education system be your child's daycare. The Federal Department of Education has done more to interfere with the educational success of America's children than any thing else. It should be abolished. This proposal by the President is another obscene expansion of welfare and an opportunity to indoctrinate more children in socialism.
1) This (CIA report) is what you get when you refuse to impeach a president who has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to deprecate the United States, internally and abroad. 2) The United States is the major contributor to the United Nations. If we simply stopped funding it, the U. N. would collapse -- and we should do just that.
No surprises here. The documentation paperwork was printed even before the announced power grab. Why doesn't Congress do its job? IMPEACHMENT now. Impeachment is one thing the president cannot veto.
When the EPA decided that essential CO2 was a pollutant, it had outlived is usefulness. We do need reasonable standards, but nothing coming out of the EPA is reasonsble. Congress shoul eliminate the EPA and replace it with a small agency with reasonable constraints.
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A way for GOP to defuse immigration issue?

jerry2 Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 8:08 AM
So conservatives can become liberals? Why didn't I think of that. If you like integrity and the law, just junk all that, become a hypocrite and everything will be OK. It's like how you can keep your insurance if you like your insurance.
Did not know that option was available. Seems a good start. I don't know why Congress does not simply impeach King Obama.
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