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Can we start by rejecting the left's continual agenda to create the illusion of a class war in America? There is no upper class, middle class or lower class in America. Yet every conservative commentator and news agency refers to upper income, middle income and lower income Americans as if they were a member of a class system. When we use the lefts nomenclature, we advance their agenda. Let us talk about income levels -- not classes.
What is sad is that the circumstances of his disappearance were known long before President Obama decided to use him as a pawn to relapse terrorist prisoners. One of many impeachable offences Obama has been guilty of and for which our impotent congress will never charge him.
The single greatest reason for decline in education in America is federal involvement in the education system. Declines have been directly proportional to government involvement. The federal Department of Education should be abolished and not replaced with any federal agency.
Of course he wants to raise taxes. The more he puts on welfare, the more he has control.
Yes. Obama will veto the bill and Republicans will cave -- again. They should send him the bill and let him veto it. When he complains that Homeland Security needs funding, send him the bill again. Continue to offer to fund Homeland Security absent the illegal illegal immigrant executive orders. If Obama insists on vetoing the bill, let him shut down Homeland security. Then blame him for doing it.
Of course. Everything which happens is an excuse for legislation and regulation. Our government cannot provide basic security for their own Internet sites. But they want to regulate everyone else's internet oresence.
Of course, our Imam in Chief would be against any expression of the Muslim religion which could be construed as derogatory. That is why Muslim terrorists don't exist in his fantasy world. All Muslim terrorists are renamed Radical Terrorists. Why do you suppose that he offends Christianity at every opportunity but is never willing to say anything derogatory about Islam?
Why the belief that this will happen "soon". This has already happened and has been happening for years. In the '50s, '60s and '70s, the government wanted us to stop eating butter for the 'healthier' trans fats. The government has always promoted fruits and grains over any animal products. Eggs have too much cholesterol, red meat causes cancer, etc. Fat is simply bad for you (despite the fact that fat and protein are essential in the diet if you intend to continue to live). If we would only stop eating farm animals, we could send more corn and wheat to China and let them feed it to their farm animals ... It has always been ridiculous to have our government tell us what we can or should eat. When they do, they get it wrong more often than right (butter is better than trans fats, eggs are actually good for you, protein and fat is essential, etc.). But Big Brother will insist on telling you what to do and how to do it. Big Brother is getting awfully big of late.
How do you come to that conclusion since conservatives are blocked by the RNC? Ronald Reagan was a conservative candidate and he did quite well.
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Poll: Jeb Bush Leading Republicans For 2016

jerry2 Wrote: Dec 29, 2014 12:37 PM
Let's get every moderate we can to the front of the line. It wouldn't do to run a conservative for the presidency. That and the R.I.N.O.s is why we keep electing liberals.
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