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Ms. Ginsburg makes the same mistake the media makes -- that Hobby Lobby is somehow imposing their religion on their employees. The media are expected to promote their agenda. Justices should be rational. Hobby Lobby simply does not want to be forced to kill babies. It does not seek to prevent anyone else from killing their own babies. Contraceptives are cheap and any employee of Hobby Lobby (or any other business) can purchase their own contraceptives. There is no lack of availability because Hobby Lobby does not dispense contraceptives.
The only bill which would make any sense is one which requires enforcement of current immigration laws. If we simply enforce our current laws, we would not have a crisis to deal with. Any money given to Obama will only make it easier for him to bring more illegals in and keep them here. If the House wants to allocate any money, release of the funds should be predicated on enforcement of our immigration laws. That is, no money until the administration begins to enforce the immigration laws.
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The Loophole is Obama

jerry2 Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 7:56 PM
We are constantly being told we need to "fix" the immigration laws. That is, we need new laws. This is not now true and never was true. If we simply enforced the laws we already have, we would not have an illegal immigration problem. We have a president and a party whose sole desire is to destroy America. They are accomplishing their desire. Our only recourse is to elect conservatives to congress this fall and a conservative to the presidency two years from now. R.I.N.O.'s do not count as conservatives.
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Israel's Justice Minister Tells Off UN

jerry2 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 7:16 AM
Why does the U.S. continue to house and fund the U.N.? If we pulled our financial support, this abomination would collapse immediately.
You would think that Detroit would be a shining example of socialist -- er, Democrat -- politics. Actually, it is a shining example of the result of Democrat control.
No one has a right to goods and services. If you want water, pay for it. If you want food, pay for it. Electricity? It can be bought. Gas? Buy it. Why are these people not embarrassed to get in the streets and demand that someone take them to raise?
Why should Iran do anything that would tend to slow their plutonium enrichment program? We have already relieved them of the sanctions. If we had really wanted to do something, we would have left the sanctions in place until verifiable controls were in place. We obviously never had any intention of doing anything except what we have done -- release the sanctions so Iran can continue its enrichment projects. Our resistance to Iran's atomic program are just about as strong as our resistance to illegal immigration.
Would someone at the IRS explain how a hard drive crash on Learner's computer destroyed the emails on the server? Or how does the IRS generate and deliver emails without a server handling the transactions? I can destroy the hard drive at my office today and all the emails on it will still be available on several servers. I work for a small company. How can the IRS not have multiple servers and redundancy?
Isn't the term "pro-life Democrat" and oxymoron?
Education in America has declined in direct proportion to federal involvement in education. We should eliminate the federal Department of Education and return education control to state and local boards.
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