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The Heroism of Wendy Davis

Jerry1273 Wrote: Jan 26, 2014 2:09 PM
There is so much more for us all to learn about the real Obama,He is and has been for years a Socialist,I think this is one reason we can not read or look at the school records.Obama has told so many lies,that any truth sounds like a lie to Obama. All he has is free hand out,and spending American tax dollars for himself and family.
There are good to great money making jobs in the lawn care business. I have done this work for years and I love al of it,the money as well as the hard work in the out in nature. There are people from all over and any color are what ever that will work for what they need and work hard as well. But,when the government create programs for helping people,then yes,many will go for the hand out and stay there,and cry that there is nothing else for them to do. I believe that life was so much better when there was less government telling us all what is best for us( but really what was better for them) Most of the programs are to buy vote for them,we all have let down our great Country of American,but we can get it back if we ALL work for what is best for American and IT people!
That reasonably is over use. These people are taking the jobs that white people will do,as well as the black American,yellow Americans.The border crosser can pay taxes,but like all low wages earners,they will get all of the tax money back and a little more. So what is the big deal about them paying Taxes Again??And,also,I ahve done many jobs in my 63 years,and i was happy to have them,a job is a job,now I know so people may not think that way,but most people I run in to or know,don"t. Just other damn excuse!
Another Tea party man down the drain. The big boy are teaching him to lie with a smile.If he still planning to run for the Prez office,he lose I hope. I have lost any respect I had for him.It is time that we,the the voters start to vote out all of the lifers and lairs next time around,we need term limits now ,it is almost(if not now) to late. They all been living off of us all. The same way as most Illegals have,thanks to our government people. Obama and his gang pass class warfare,when it is really government people against American people!!!!! They are for them self,then the party,need any one from other country,then maybe,if anything is left,are for the American people and voters.It is our fault ,we kept voting the same dogs back in.
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When Republicans Oppose Tax Cuts

Jerry1273 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 7:27 PM
The writer is so right on. When ever one party gets control of all of the houses,the will spend all they can. It is a shame that they can not live up to their word,any party. I was once a DEM,then a GOP,now I am a free thinking,I think. But, why do they do all this,maybe because they are just humans and not God like they seem to think of them self. We need to HOLD them all a countable for the actions,before they go to far and not later when it is to late.Thanks for a good honest story!!
Ann,you are so right on this. We need people voted in to office to be as honest as you are. Obama and gang are not just wanting new voter,but also more people on government programs. This will make the government that much more bigger. It is all about the government owning the people. Take our guns away,and they will have no fear of us all. Then,the next step will be,I think,make American a all of a Socialist country. Then everyone will be tax out of our rear,but that will be ok ,because we all will be on one or other Government programs. Just take a pick,if you do not like that one,pick other program,I sure one can found one that they will like. Obama is the worst leader this country has ever had.
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