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Allen West: Chris Matthews Might Be Off His Medication

Jerry1 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 8:13 PM
The Communist Media should be defunded. They are given money by ALL people that have cable TV. Of Course they won't tell you this, The Communists in Congress pushed through laws that 'forces' people to pay them, through the 'packages' from the Cable Co, I have not watched any of the Communist TV, ok the Olympics a bit, but I have given them probably $40 a month the whole time I have had this 'package'. Time to remove this 'payment' All Barack Channel Channel for Barack Shows National Barack Channel Communist News Network MSLSD

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews and a guest essentially said last night on Hardball that using the word "Chicago" when referring to President Obama is racist, despite the fact that Obama is from Chicago and refers to Chicago often in his own speeches.


We caught up with Rep. Allen West at the Republican National Convention in Tampa for his reaction.