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Have We Lost the Drug Wars?

Jeronimo2 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 11:55 AM
The war on drugs was lost about fifteen minutes after Nixon declared it. Most drugs will be accessible, without criminal penalty with in the next ten years. Here's the reason, every day an eighty year old dies and everyday a youth turns eighteen years old and can vote. It's just a matter of crunching the numbers, But myself, I've always been a bourbon man.
Forty-odd (exceedingly odd, I might add) years ago, who would have envisioned a national war against drugs? Nobody took drugs -- nobody you knew, nobody but jazz musicians and funny foreign folk. Then, after a while, it came to seem that everybody did. Drugs became a new front in the war on an old social culture that was taking hard licks aplenty in those days.

I still don't understand why people take drugs. Can't they just pour themselves a nice shot of bourbon? On the other hand, as Gary S. Becker and Kevin M. Murphy argue, in a lucid...