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True, but he went off on a side mission to see if he could be a Presidential contender. So, he wasn't "watching the store" at home. Loretta Sanchez moved right in and has been there ever since.
The specific law is the Federal Records Act (FRA) and it has teeth like an alligator.
In reference to Joni Ernst, wrong state and animal. That was the first ad in her Primary run in Iowa for the open Senate seat. Look up "Squeal" in You Tube; it's about cutting the pork.
Found one reference to Kieckhofer in a Nevada NRA associate organization complaining about specific legislation that could use "mental health" without due process to strip 2nd Amendment rights from a person. "Where there's smoke there may be fire."
I thought "New Math" had been put out of its misery over a decade ago. How wrong I was! The convoluted math examples are vintage "new math" from the early sixties. This thing is so bad that even the NEA folks are arguing about it. As issues go, this thing is right behind "Obamacare".
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Subsidizing Disaster

Jerome from Layton Wrote: Jun 16, 2013 5:12 PM
"Bailouts" are bogus. The Dutch have dealt with water issues for centuries. Back in the Fifties and Sixties, we asked the "what-if" question and came up with shelters for things such as nuclear detonations and tornadoes. Galveston did the same thing and survived the recent hurricane in much better shape but with some lessons learned to solve. So, it's time for FEMA to bring in the engineers and help the locals prepare for the next event. Will the local architecture change? It should.
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