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Where Will You Go if America Collapses?

Jerome49 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 4:57 PM
It may just be time for another civil war. The country is devided and more so now than any time since the Civil War. Mr. Obama has seen to that. When the liberals run out of other people's money and the welfare checks cease to be sent, you will wish to hell you had an AR-15 and plenty of ammo.
asformeandmyhouse Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 7:35 PM
There will be blood is the general theme of comments here. 2013 burn and burn. Seek God while He may be found for the time is coming when... This World employs fear.
There is a helper and the word which lays waste to fear. There is a free gift available
Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man brings a snare: but whoever puts his trust in the LORD shall be safe.
Isaiah 41:13 For I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying to you, Fear not; I will help you.
Isaiah 51:12 I, even I, am he that comforts you: who are you, that you should be afraid of a man that shall die, and of the son of man which shall be made as grass;
Matthew 10:28
asformeandmyhouse Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 7:15 PM
The meme of the times, get ammo and weapons. There is protection available that sews to life rather than discord and chaos. Pray psalms 91. The word of God IS mighty and sharper than any two edged sword. This world is very brief it is not our home. Rely upon God's strength. Get a heart transplant now while there is time.
Proverbs 18:10 - The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Sew to the flesh and reap of the flesh, sew to the spirit and harness power that is far greater than all the artillaries of this World.
Jay Wye Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 7:00 PM
it's DEFINITELY time to restore the Constitution.

time to water that Tree of Liberty,with the blood of tyrants.

A reader from New York has a follow-up question for me.

Referencing a “Question of the Week” from last month, in which I expressed guarded optimism that America could be saved, she wants to know what I would do if things go the wrong way.

In other words, what if things go really wrong and America suffers a Greek-style fiscal collapse? And imagine how bad that might be since there wouldn’t be an IMF or European Central Bank capable of providing bailouts to the United States.

Perhaps because of an irrational form of patriotism, I’m fairly certain that I...

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