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The Uncool President

Jerome49 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 6:45 PM
The only ones left who think Obama is cool are the hard core liberals, unions, illegals, teens and the welfare crowd. I don't need a president who runs up $6 trillion in additional debt, who can't figure out how to bring unemployment down to 6%, or keep our middle east embassies and their staff safe, or reduce gas prices to what they were four years ago, even if he has a big grin, does the boogaloo with Helen Degeneres and sounds like Al Green.
In 2008, Barack "No Drama" Obama was the coolest presidential candidate America had ever seen -- young, hip, Ivy League, mellifluous and black, with a melodic and exotic name. Rock stars vied to perform at his massive rallies, where Obama often began his hope-and-change sermons by reminding the teary-eyed audience what to do in case of mass fainting.

Money, like manna from heaven, seemed to drop spontaneously into his $1 billion campaign coffers. Ecstatic Hollywood stars were rendered near speechless at the thought of Obama's promised Big Rock Candy Mountain to come -- peace, harmony, prosperity and "5 million new...