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Rove Vs. the Tea Party

Jerome49 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 1:02 PM
Rove was quite willing to accept the 2010 mid-term election result that gave the Republicans the House. It was the TEA party that influenced those victories. One of the wonderful things about the TEA party is that it wasn't a political party at all. It was a grass roots movement of middle Americans who were fed up with big government and its intrusions into people's private lives; ever increasing government spending; and ever increasing taxes. The TEA party rallies weren't protesting gay marriage, gun control or legal immigration. They were protesting Obamacare, illegal immigration the increased taxes these actions would require.
During the 2012 election cycle, Tea Partiers were told by their supposed betters that their ignorance of everyday politics meant that they should take a back seat to the Republican Party establishment. Brandishing the so-called Buckley Rule with quasi-religious fervor -- the notion that Republicans should run the most conservative candidate who can win -- the establishment GOP proclaimed that the only presidential candidate who could win was Republican Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. They suggested that four-term former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson was a shoe-in for the Senate. They explained that the Tea Party was responsible for failed Senate candidates...