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Pew Poll Says Obama a Loser as Reality Sets In

Jerome49 Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 11:03 AM
I was pleased to see Romney personally refute the baseless charges hurled against him for months by the Obama attack ads. When their charges that Romney didn't pay federal income taxes for 10 years were shown to be a lie, when the public decided it didn't matter where Romney made his money, or kept some of it in Swiss banks, Axelrod and the attack dogs tried to call him a felon and a murderer. That didn't seem to resonate well with the public either. So Romney wins the debate rather decisively and the best the Dems can come up with is "liar, liar, pants on fire"? Maybe their defense of Big Bird will take people's minds off unemployment, the Middle East and Fast & Furious.

A new poll from the Pew Center for Public Something-or-Another finally get's it right.

Obama's going to lose and it likely won't be close.

According to Fox News, liberals are up in arms about the Pew poll, which has Romney up 49-45 percent just few weeks before balloting starts in some states.    

From Fox News

Something isn’t just rotten in Denmark. Try Washington, D.C., where liberal are going insane reacting to the latest Pew poll results that show Romney kicking election butt by 49-45.

The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan freaked out about the math...

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