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Colleges Skimp on Science, Spend Big on Diversity

Jerome49 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 3:27 PM
Mr. Barone --- I like the idea of the government garnishing the wages of those who default on student loans. The IRS has never had a problem of seizing people's assets or garnishing wages to recover money owed to it. I don't think the government should wait until someone turns 65 in order to recover defaulted student loans.
BoxingKitty Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 3:53 PM
I think his point was that people will be paying off their student loans until after they retire.
jmg11 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 11:23 PM
He could make a much sharper point: when the "student" really cannot pay the loan, or just decides not to pay, those who cosign become eligible for the treatment.

This infection has gone much farther then you think.

How many times have you heard Barack Obama talk about "investing" in education? Quite a few, if you've been listening to the president at all.

In fact, Americans have been investing more and more in education over the years, led by presidents Democratic and Republican. But it's become glaringly clear that we're getting pretty lousy return on these investments.

That's been evident at the K-12 level for a long time. Teacher unions and education-school types have had custody of most of our public schools for more than three decades, during which test results and high school graduation rates have been mostly...